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Updated Forms

With Best Case, you’ll always have the most up-to-date forms and figures. Don’t wait around for updates either. Best Case is on top of it, consistently releasing updated numbers and forms well before the effective date so you can plan your filings accordingly.

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"Best Case just works. As a practitioner that’s all I need to know. When things are changed or updated by the Courts, either when they change the forms or when the local trustees do something, Best Case is on it."

– Ronald Siegel | Ronald S. Siegel, P.C.| Bingham Farms, MI

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Superior Support

With unlimited support by phone and email, get back to work faster with Best Case. Need training on a feature or want to explore a topic further? Best Case webinars and the robust Resource Library will guide you.

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"I’ve learned shortcuts for using the program more efficiently with every seminar that I’ve participated in. I really appreciate the content of the webinars and how thorough you are in explaining how to access special features built into the program and the most efficient ways to use Best Case."

– Marianne Beamer | Mills Law | Smithfield, NC

Integrated Tools

Streamline your workflow using tools built into Best Case at no additional cost to your firm. From client intake and petition drafting to post-filing activities, Best Case workflow tools improve your firm’s efficiency every step of the way.

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"There have been occasions in the past where I’ve not had a telephone docket on the calendar or a 341, and now Best Case is putting it on the calendar for us. It’s knowing that there’s a safety net to prevent us from making mistakes."

– Samantha Valenzuela | The Valenzuela Law Firm | Ozark, AL

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The Total Package

The Best Case commitment to accuracy, efficiency and user experience makes it the overall top choice of legal professionals.
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