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Join a Best Case expert for an in-depth training session covering basic to advanced topics.  Training is free for customers! View recorded webinars on demand 24/7 or sign up to attend a live session. For live webinars, you’ll receive an email confirmation with log in details once you register. 

Note about Live Webinars: Effective April 1st, 2016 - Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) users will need to update to a newer operating system in order to attend a live webinar.

If you would like to suggest a topic for a webinar or have any questions regarding the registration process, please email or call us at 800.492.8037.


Basics of Best Case
Learn the fundamentals of Best Case as an expert walks through the stages of a client file from start to finish. This course is perfect for new users or those needing a refresher.

Topics include:
• Completing the schedules
• Saving time with Credit Report Manager and CaseAssist
• Electronic filing using the ECF Wizard and OneTouch
• Using BestScan
• Applying the means test provisions with the Best Case Means Test Calculator



Best Case Best Practices  *New topics each month
This series features revolving monthly topics, providing you the opportunity to learn about new features and more from a Best Case expert while engaging in an open forum to get your questions answered and interact with other users.

3/15 Webinar Topic | What’s New in Version 26: Enhanced Case Management
Explore the new enhanced case management features in depth!

Upcoming topics:
• What's New in Version 26 – Court Notices / Online Calendar
• Student Loan Relief Calculator
• More to come

View a past recording:
Explore the Paycheck Calculator (9/21/16)


Demystify the Forms Changes – A 2015 Forms Revision Overview
Ease into the new bankruptcy forms with confidence! During this webinar, a Best Case technical expert will provide an overview of the 2015 Forms Modernization changes and lead you through the main software entry screens that were impacted. This seminar is a must-attend for all users looking to speed up their transition to the new 2015 forms and procedures.
Topics include:
• 2015 Forms Modernization changes
• Best Case Bankruptcy interface changes
• Finding additional resources



Workflow Fundamentals
Learn ways to increase efficiency throughout the entire bankruptcy process. This seminar will focus on tips and tools to help you prepare your bankruptcy cases quickly and with greater accuracy.
Topics include:
• Simplifying data entry using MyCaseInfo
• Saving time with Credit Report Manager and CaseAssist
• Pre-petition and post-petition filing using OneTouch
• Managing court communications using MyECFMail



Simplify the Means Test
Do you sometimes wish you had a road map for the means test? When you attend this online seminar, see how Best Case simplifies the means test and

Learn how to:
• Apply the calculator to determine presumption of abuse
• Calculate the debtor’s six-month average income with the CMI Calculator
• Complete the 12 means test tabs
• Use time-saving tips and tricks for increased efficiency


Explore the Standard Chapter 13 Plan
Discover how Best Case simplifies the preparation of a Chapter 13 plan by providing you with helpful tools and calculators.

Walk through the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator:
• Learn to apply the Chapter 13 Plan treatment classifications
• Calculate a simple Plan
• Customize a Plan with various options


MyCaseInfo - Secure, Online Client Questionnaire
MyCaseInfo directly populates client data into the appropriate schedules saving your firm hours
of redundant data entry. Discover how easy it is to complete and download client data into
Best Case with this online client questionnaire.

Learn how to:
• Invite a client to use MyCaseInfo
• Preview core client data
• Import client data into a new or existing client file.


MyECFMail - Court Comunications and Calendar Management
MyECFMail streamlines the ECF process by automatically downloading your Free Looks from
the Court’s website, populates your upcoming events on the calendar and providing you access
to these ECF emails and PDFs in Best Case for improved case management.

Join us for a short demonstration to:
• See how to get started with MyECFMail
• Explore the E-Mail Manager features and functionalities
• View the ECF Calendar and track related bankruptcy events
• Explore the MyECFMail Case Viewer in Best Case


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